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Hello, and welcome to the archive of the r/Florida county deletions hosted by Smokie! This is to see which county in Florida is the best, and it is all up to the Redditors to decide which counties go, I (Smokie or u/Smokie14), don't have a vote in this special event. Yes, I know the names are a it confusing, but everything is still the same!


Each day, one to two counties are chosen everyday to sink into the waters of the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic Ocean, soon making them murge until the final county is chosen. The Redditors of r/Florida vote for the county they want to sink, and if the county they want to sink hasn't been said yet, they will comment, and hope that other people upvote their comment, to where the county they chose sinks. The last county standing wins!


Won twice!


Won three times!


Won four times!


Won five times!


Won six times!


Won seven times!


r/Florida Moderator


Round 1

I have seen this in r/southcarolina and r/Maps. May I introduce to you, County Deletions, a fun daily post where the highest upvoted county (you put a county and if it is the highest upvoted, it's gone) gets deleted! Let round 1, begin!




Polk County by u/Sizzlean18

Round 2

Polk county said goodbye to its folk! Choose which county shall be next!



"I'm from Polk. If Polk goes, we should take Pasco with us! Pasco County!"

Pasco County by u/Florida_Man_Revolt

Round 3



"Lake - Sumter - the villages."

Sumter County by u/Ambitious-Scientist

Round 4

Y'all said it, The Villages ruined Sumter, and now it is gone! Choose which county goes next!



"Make Lake County a lake! Get it gone!"

Lake County by u/Willingness-Direct

Round 5

Lake county became one with the sea! Choose who will go next!



"Escambia. Gotta start removing any congressional district that will vote for Gaetz."

Escambia County by u/HokieFireman

Round 6

We are chipping away at the panhandle, goodbye Escambia County! Choose which county will sink next!



"Jefferson. We need to isolate the panhandle before they infect more of us."

Jefferson County by u/crypticedge

Round 7

Jefferson County split the state in half! Choose who will sink next!



"Baker county. KKK mural in the courthouse AND lowest vaccination rates in the state."

Baker County by u/notahouseflipper

Round 8 (accidently named Round 7)

Baker Lake was made! Choose who won't survive next!



"Miami-Dade county. This subreddit just posted an article they're building a highway through the wetlands in Everglades. They need to go before they cause more destruction"

Miami-Dade County by u/Inflatable_Catfish

Round 9

Winning by 7 upvotes, Dade county has taken a turn for the worse, and sunk! Choose who will be next!




"Santa Rosa the sooner we eliminate the Matt Gaetz congressional district the better off we will All be."

Santa Rosa County by u/HokieFireman

Round 10

A chip at the panhandle again, good by Santa Rosa! Choose who you want to see sink next!



"might as well keep going with the panhandle and getting rid of Matt Gaetz territory; Okaloosa, say bye bye"

Okaloosa County by u/CrossroadsOfAfrica

Round 11/12

Another take at the panhandle, and now Okaloosa has sunken! Today will be a double round, the 2 top voted counties will go out!



"Palm Beach. Come on, let's get rid of Mar-a-Lago!"

Palm Beach County by u/_laufaeson


"I say just keep chipping away at the panhandle. See ya Walton."

Walton County by u/22chainz

Round 13/14

Palm Beach County and Walton County have both sunken! We will do another double round today, but back to one round tomorrow!



"Sink Marion. Marion is ass."

Marion County by u/elJefedcog



"Osceola can go. They think they're big and important. Pretentious bastards lol"

Osceola County by u/Willingness-Direct

Round 15

Marion and Osceola Counties have sunken together! Today we will go back to one county!




"Holmes people, Holmes.

Get rid of Matt Gaetz's district.

Maintain the tranquility of the Gulf of Florida.

Save the few remaining urban counties so this game doesn't end up being between two obscure rural counties."

Holmes County by u/FLTA

Round 16

Holmes County didn't make the cut! Just a heads up, please try not to get political, this is just for fun! Choose who will go next!



"Bradford County -- A small rural county designed to be the home of the Florida State Prison shouldnt still be here. Also apparently named after a Confederate General"

Bradford County by u/TriclopyrEster

Round 17/18

Baker Lake has become bigger! Until further notice, we will do 2 counties! Choose which 2 go next!



"In line with removing Bradford yesterday, Union County is home to Union Correctional Institution, part of Florida's Death Row. It's the 4th poorest county in the United States. The county suffers a death rate of about 1600 per 100,000 residents, the highest in the nation."

Union County by u/BrerMatt


"Citrus, it's their time to sink."

Citrus County by u/caityb34

RIP to BrerMatt, they deleted their account, until next time, u/BrerMatt!

Round 19/20

Union and Citrus counties are both gone (plus Hernando became a island)! Choose which 2 sink next!



"Let's go ahead and take out the isle of Hernando lol"

Hernando County by u/Thunderwood77



"Levy County -- Active rattlesnake bounties"

Levy County by u/TriclopyrEster

Round 21/22

Hernando sunk because it didn't have any support and Levy sank with it, which two will go next?




"Hardee county for the same reasons i said yesterday. nothing down there except meth and other drugs. I campaign to expand the gulf of florida!! if y'all need any other reasons, there are also a ton of "lakes" full of poisonous/radioactive water that were reclaimed after phosphate mining. hardee county: shitty, irrelevant, AND bad for the environment."

Hardee County by u/CrossroadsOfAfrica

RedditSilver RedditModerator


"Down with Dixie!"

Dixie County by u/FLTA

Round 23/24

Dixie and Hardee Counties went on the chopping block, and now 2 more will go today!



"Bay county. Please end the misery. Meth. Kkk. Ass backwards everything."

Bay County by u/msmithuf09



"Collier --- Because dystopic hideaway for millionaires. 2nd highest per capita county while nearby Immokalee is constantly inflicting human rights violations on migrant farmers. Also home of the Florida Tea Party HQ. My first evening in Collier County I saw old white ladies marching on a small residential road next to a mini-golf course holding anti-abortion signs. This is what they do with their money."

Collier County by u/TriclopyrEster

Round 25/26

Bay and Collier counties have left the chat, and now two more will too!



"I'm again asking for your support to sink Putnam."

Putnam County by u/i-lick-myself

RedditGold RedditModerator


"Calhoun because fuck John C. Calhoun."

Calhoun County by u/FLTA

Round 27/28

Putnam and Calhoun counties drowned to their death, choose which two will sink next!



"Again, fuck Lee county named after Robert E Lee. They have one of the worst school districts in the state."

Lee County by u/iamonlyaman07


"Lee and Clay"

Clay County by u/smgrubbs1

Round 29/30

Lee and Clay counties didn't get the cut, and two more won't today either!




"JACKSON!! get rid of the panhandle (sans leon) and eff andrew jackson!!"

Jackson County by u/CrossroadsOfAfrica



"Wakulla - just to keep the panhandle purge going."

Wakulla County by u/notahouseflipper

Round 31/32

Jackson and Wakulla counties didn't see the light of day, choose which 2 counties won't today!




"Washington. Cause there should be no islands in the pan-handle."

Washington County by u/notahouseflipper


"DeSoto needs to go go. Let Florida Bay have an outlet through the Peace River."

DeSoto County by u/blindythepirate

Round 33/34

DeSoto and Washington counties curiosity got them killed, and so will two more today!




"I'll throw Madison County into the mix for it's history of lynchings. It was also a dry county until 2012."

Madison County by u/BrerMatt


"Taylor county - because Perry is racist as fuck."

Taylor County by u/gimmeafuckinname

RIP to BrerMatt, they deleted their account, until next time, u/BrerMatt!

Round 35, 36, 37, and 38

Madison and Taylor counties have sunken, and due to problems, choose 4 counties, since I won't be able to do it tomorrow (meaning no deletion tomorrow so double in this post), I am sorry guys :(




"Columbia County for its history of lynchings. And because they changed the name of "Alligator" to "Lake City" because the mayor's wife didn't like the name of the town."

Columbia County by u/BrerMatt

RedditPlatinum RedditLegendary


"Liberty and Lafayette - 2 of the 3 dry counties in Florida."

Liberty and Lafayette County by u/BrerMatt



"we need to get rid of Martin!! at this stage, it might win on accident if we don't get rid of it."

Martin County by u/CrossroadsOfAfrica

RIP to BrerMatt, they deleted their account, until next time, u/BrerMatt!

Round 39/40

Columbia, Liberty, Lafayette, and Marion counties sank with each other! Choose which TWO will go next, and happy 4th of July to all!



"That map looks so much better. Lets Kill more Founding Fathers. Hamilton exit stage left."

Hamilton County by u/kenfury


"Look at Gadsden just sitting there like it shouldn't have gone out 10 rounds ago..."

Gadsden County by u/Edenza

Round 41/42

Hamilton and Gadsden counties became one with water, choose which two go next!



"Hendry County because I had to look it up to jog my memory on what is actually down there (Clewiston, apparently) and the first result was this story about a school principal paddling a student!"

Hendry County by u/chachandthegang


"I am once again asking to remove Highlands County. It's diet Polk."

Highlands County by u/ymcmbrofisting

Round 43/44

Hendry and Highlands counties both sunk, now leaving a curse for two more to sink today!



"Okechobee-because it's just big sugar fricking up our water ways"

Okeechobee County by u/pupsplusplants


"Just get Saint Lucie so they don't accidentally win"

Saint Lucie County by u/Starving_Zebra

Round 45/46

Okeechobee and Saint Lucie counties both sank with each other, and now two more will go with them!



"Nassau County, we're taking it down from the top..."

Nassau County by u/jesseaknight


"Gilchrist! Get rid of that lil nubbin--even though it has some nice springs--and MAI(A?) (make Alachua an island (again?))"

Gilchrist County by u/brodobaggins3

Round 47/48

Nassau and Gilchrist counties couldn't move further in this competition, and today, you choose which two don't either!



"I am once again asking for your financial support in removing Volusia."

Volusia County by u/mandekay



"And how is Gulf County still hanging on? They're like the step child of the panhandle..."

Gulf County by u/Willingness-Direct

Round 49/50

Volusia and Gulf counties didn't make it, and two more won't today either! I also made an archive of this fun thing that I am doing, I will have more info in the comments!




"Franklin: M.A.G.A. = Make Apalachicola the Gulf Again! (Third times the charm?)."

Franklin County by u/notahouseflipper



Today I'll explain why.

A man by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte Broward. Yes, really. His two big ideas were to drain the Everglades[0], and you know, ship all of the black people out of Florida[1]. Ideas so awesome, someone decided to name a county after him. And again affirmed that decision just a few years ago when confronted with this past.

But that was a long time ago. Broward is a classy place, right? So classy they made all their beaches whites only. In 1954 they finally broke down and let blacks use one beach. Progress! Well, except that beach didn't have a road to it, and they wouldn't actually build one until 11 years later[2].

[0] - Napoleon B. Broward Wikipedia

[1] - Napoleon B. Broward Racism Wikipedia

[2] - Broward County, Florida Rapid Growth Wikipedia"

Broward County by u/drydswyd

RIP to drydswyd, they deleted their account, until next time, u/dryswyd!

Round 51/52

Franklin and Broward have both sunken into the water, and two more will today too!




"glades county. what is even there, and why has it made it this far??? edit: today is my 30th birthday. if you could all upvote so we can get rid of glades, that would be the gift that keeps on giving :')"

Glades County by u/CrossroadsOfAfrica



Suwannee County by u/Beatlebot88

Round 53

Glades and Suwannee counties both into the ever-growning waters of what used to be Florida, and now we will be doing ONE county per day until the end of the event!



"Indian River! There is just nothing going on in Indian river. People can disagree all they want, but I'd go to Martin before Indian river and I am far closer to Vero. My vote still stands with Indian river. I would also happily accept a reality where Indian Rive "hate won" this whole thing."

Indian River County by u/uber_cast

Yes, I am sad to see it go, but I respect people's decisions, so it is gone now. :)

Round 54

Indian River sunk, so now I guess the game ends because I sank with it... just kidding, like I said I am not in Florida in this situation, but yeah, Indian River is gone, and so will one more county today!



"How the hell has Duval held on for this long!?"

Duval County by u/Droluk1

Round 55

Duval is now out of the loop, and one more counties will sink today!



"Charlotte county has to go next. Why you ask? Well, they have a history of flooding at the first drop of rain. To me, they are BEGGING to be sunk into the depths of the Gulf/Ocean. Charlotte County loves to flood, so let's help them out."

Charlotte County by u/VinceVino70

Round 56

Charlotte County couldn't hold on, so it sank into the waters, and one more county will today!




"I'm going to throw Leon into the mix... lets get rid of the county and the politicians with it. For those of you who went to FSU, we will make a college island, floating on its own, safely sailing away from the county."

Leon County by u/BrerMatt

RIP to BrerMatt, they deleted their account, until next time, u/BrerMatt!

Round 57

Leon County wasn't enough for you guys, and one more won't be for today either!




Flagler County by u/Juantoday

Round 58

Flagler County was chosen to sink by a landslide! Choose which one will go next!



"Manatee County, because Piney Point. We are suffocating in Pinellas because of their deregulation practices."

Manatee County by u/sarah_echo

Round 59

Round 59: Manatee County just wasn't good enough, and one more county will go with it today! (9 COUNTIES LEFT!)





Seminole County by u/Juantoday

Round 60

Round 60: It was Seminole's time to go, and one other county will sink today! (8 COUNTIES LEFT!)




"Sarasota! Bunch of old drunks and overcrowded beaches. IIRC it's the DUI capital of Florida."

Sarasota County by u/drydswyd

RIP to drydswyd, they deleted their account, until next time, u/dryswyd!

Round 61

Sarasota county isn't going to the end, and one more county won't today either! (7 COUNTIES LEFT!)



"ST JOHNS!!! What is even in St Johns??"

Saint Johns County by u/oakcreeks

Round 62

Saint Johns didn't want to be a part of Florida anymore, and now one other won't either! (6 COUNTIES LEFT!)



"Y'all really let Monroe hang around this long? What is even there?"

Monroe County by u/JCan6

Round 63

Monroe said goodbye, because they were evicted, as one county will be today! (5 COUNTIES LEFT!)



"Brevard for accepting cops with brutality records. They need to go"

Brevard County by u/kylaah27

Round 64

Brevard County won fifth place in the competition, but it didn't make it until the end, choose which county will be in fourth place! (4 COUNTIES LEFT!!!)



"Orange County. Tired of 1 wreck on i4 shutting down the whole traffic flow"

Orange County by u/dumbasses_r_us

Round 65

Disney World, Sea World, and Universal all sank with Orange County, leaving one more to sink before the finale, CHOOSE WISELY! (3 COUNTIES LEFT!!!)



This person's account is still around, but they have deleted all of their posts and comments, if anyone remembers what they have said, please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated!

Alachua County by u/JamesQReed

Round 66 (Finale)

(Finale): Alachua County made it to the top 3, but not to the top 2, Pinellas and Hillsborough took those spots. (READ DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY!!!)


Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentlemen. It is my honor to bring you this event, and how far it has come to where it is today, and how much it might affect the future. To those just joining us today, welcome! You missed a lot, but you can still say you were a part of it. To those that were here since the beginning, thank you to you too, and of course to those who joined in between, thank you to all of you, you guys are great! The choose comes down to the two bay counties (https://imgur.com/a/Eh8uPKM), to see which county will sink, and which county will deem to be the best. Like I said before, I didn't upvote, nor downvote any comments containing suggestions of counties to be deleted, I didn't take part in this event, it was all up to the Redditors of r/Florida! The archive (https://fldeletions.neocities.org) will be up as long as I can handle it, so it won't be gone anytime soon, but anyways, on to the point:

Which one will you choose to sink?


Or Hillsborough?

It all comes down to this...

PLEASE CHOOSE THE COUNTY YOU WANT TO SINK, not the county you want to win. Choose wisely!

The poll will end Thursday, July 29th, 2021, at 9 AM EST.

It was a fun ride, to see the soon-to-be best county, and the worst county in Florida. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did, and I can't wait to see what you guys do next!

Sincerely, - u/Smokie14

P. S. RIP to u/BrerMatt, he was one of the Redditors that got the most wins out of anyone else, and deleted his account recently.


Hillsborough County (by voting poll)



With this being the end of daily posts in r/Florida, I would like to congratulate Pinellass county, for coming it to the end, and that also means it will not sink, and it will be up forever. I would like to thank everyone who participated, from the beginning, in between, and the end, I gladly appreciate that you guys had a fun time! I would like to say thank you to all of the Redditors who are above and I can't wait to see what you guys do next!

FINAL Results (top voted county SUNK):

Hillsborough County - 1,327 votes

Pinellas County - 1,245 votes

Until next time, folks!

- u/Smokie14


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